yelda narin mersin


Yelda NARIN was born in Iskenderun in 1978, she is married and mother of 2 children. She received her stylist and modeling training at Çağ University from where she received her Bachelor Diploma on Import-Export and intensified her education with the Distance Education through the Web with the "Milan Fashion Campus" Milan-Italy.


Stylist Yelda NARIN who created the institutional structure of LADYCHIC firm at her Mersin Çamlıbel Head Store in 2006 is today exporting to Europe and the Middle East and is there at sales points with LADYCHIC brand name created in three capital cities of the Middle East through which is providing services to her customers.


Since the day she has established LADYCHIC  firm, by the collections, Yelda NARİN has personally created is letting her customers experience a new spring every year with the new products is a Founding Member of GİŞKAD and Executive Committee Member of TOBB (The Turkish Union of Chambers and Stock Markets) is demonstrating her business achievement in the social responsibility as well.

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